Helping Latter-day Saints Be Prepared to Minister to Those Who Struggle with Mental Health

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What is the role of leaders in helping individuals who struggle with mental health? 

Many leaders feel uncertain about how they can help an individuals who is deeply troubled by mental health. What if I say the wrong thing? I am not a therapist so maybe there isn't anything to talk about.

The reality is, we simply need to gain a deeper level of empathy in order to help encourage these individuals to not only progress in life but find valuable help with their mental help by engaging in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

By listening to experts we can better understand the issue. By listening to individuals who have experienced a struggle with mental health we can better understand what it is like trying to find growth and happiness in our Latter-day Saint communities. 

What You'll Learn During the Summit

Carrie Wrigley, LCSW

  • Overcoming depression and building joy, healing with Christ at the center
  • Understanding what creates our problems and pains or disorders
  • 16 tools for cultivating joy and learning happiness through positive psychology

Glenn Schiraldi, PhD

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they cause wounds that people carry into adulthood
  • Helping members find an appropriate therapist and encouraging them to reach for God as the ultimate attachment figure
  • Big-T trauma and small-t trauma and common ways Latter-day Saints try to cope

Timothy B. Smith, Kristin Lang Hansen, Michael E. Berrett


  • The dynamics between church leaders and therapists
  • The role of a therapist regarding their clients' beliefs and values
  • Working with members who are struggling with a faith crisis or other church issues

Jacob Hess, PhD

  • How to restore hope into the mental health dialogue
  • The danger of "fixing" mental illness too soon rather than explore the causes
  • How the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help serve as the greatest mental health intervention in the world

Jody Moore

  • 5 tools for leaders and parents to help youth be mentally healthy
  • Ways to minimize shame in order to encourage spiritual wellbeing
  • How to help individuals sit with their feelings rather than flee from them

Geoff Steurer

  • Why community is crucial for mental health stability
  • How we can better stimulate community through our ward & church community
  • The predicting power of relationships in individual mental health healing

Bonnie Young

  • The complexity of scrupulosity (Religious OCD)
  • How to avoid accidentally feeding the guilt of those with scrupulosity
  • How scrupulosity craves certainty in a negative way

Dr. Kevin Lash

  • How can we minister to children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • How we unintentionally encourage ADHD children to act out in Primary
  • How to conform the environment rather than conform the ADHD child

Jeffrey Reber, PhD

  • How we can better stimulate community through our ward & church community
  • The impact of narcissism in our religious communities
  • Understanding what it means to be "favored of God"

Summit Roster

May 18

Jacob Hess PhD - Hope for Mental Health Recovery
Geoff Steurer - How Connection Can Improve Your Mental Health

May 19

Dr. David T. Morgan - Anxiety Management Using Gospel Principles
Dr. Kevin Lash - Children with ADHD

May 20

Jody Moore - Youth & Mental Health
Chyna Hopkins - Setting Christlike Boundaries

May 21

Jeffrey Reber, PhD - Overcoming Perfectionism
Steve Shields - Understanding the Impact of Trauma

May 22-23

Bonnie Young, Tim & Aubrey Chaves - Panel Interview about Scrupulosity

May 24

Dr. Margaret Rutherford - Perfectly Hidden Depression
Thomas McConkie - From Mindfulness to Heartfulness

May 25

Sam Baxter - How as a Bishop I’ve learned to better recognize religious based OCD 
Shayden Bertagnolli - How to "Behold" Those You Lead in a More Focused & Deeper Way

May 26

Doug Nielsen - Men & Mental Health
Garrett Kroon - Teenage Mental Health

May 27

Jennifer Roach & Nick Gallieti - Co-dependent Saints
Becky Kemp - Discover The Word Effect: How to Create Your Most Beautiful Life 

May 28

Tony Overbay - Acceptance Doesn't Mean Apathy
Jeffrey Denning - Supporting Those Who Suffer — A Crash Course on Crisis Negotiation

May 29-31

Georgia Anderson - Self Awareness and the Seed of God Within
Dr. Melissa Smith - Leading Saints to Safe Harbor through Better Mental Health
Jane Clayson Johnson - Silent Souls Weeping

June 1

Kurt Francom - The Power of Love, Acceptance, & Covenants
Julie Hardle - Bipolar Disorder

June 2

All Sessions Available for 24 Hours

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